Allow Your Soul to Soar

Do you feel STUCK in a job, relationship, pattern, or situation that doesn’t nurture your soul? 

If so, you’re not alone. I’ve met so many people in this position. They either can’t seem to take action or they can’t seem to remain consistent when they do. (I’ve been there myself so I can relate) Before you know it, you’ve spent years of your precious life feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. 

Don’t spend one more second living a life that doesn’t feel incredibly magical and that doesn’t propel you into the miracles you desire and deserve to experience.

I’m Nahkila Isha’, Divine Interpreter and Mentor. Drawing from my expertise as a clinical hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, I was led by Spirit to create a 3-month Deep Cleanse that will help you release emotional and energetic blocks so you’re empowered to create a life that makes your soul soar.

I’m always asking The Divine “how I can I serve on a deeper level?” and most recently after asking, my question was answered during meditation. Spirit told me to create a service that is quick, effective and produces lasting results. I asked “what does that consist of?” And Spirit explained the concept of Deep cleanse Healing and Release.

To serve you in the best way possible, I’ve teamed up with Luminous Staria, our resident Reiki Healer, to get you the life positive changing results you’re seeking and more. 

We are the ultimate Spiritual Tag Team and we’re here to help you transform your entire life from the inside out!

I work with you to clear mental and emotional blocks and Staria works with you to clear energetic blocks. 

It’s not Spring, but it’s time to Deep Clean.

This Deep cleanse is unique because, during our personal one on one sessions, Spirit is invited in to assist us with uncovering what your soul is choosing to release and heal. After this is determined I am led on which healing modalities to use to assist you with healing and releasing the blocks from your unconscious mind. I will then create a Spirit-led healing regimen that includes a personalized guided Hypnotation (Guided meditation with a hypnotic component) that speaks directly to your unconscious mind and speaks specifically to what your soul is being called to heal.

By connecting to and healing from an unconscious level, lasting results are guaranteed, when you do the work outlined in your healing regimen. 

Over 3 intensive months, you will:  

  •  Break free of pain and struggle once and for all.
  •  Feel better fast and make it last.
  •  Get unstuck and confidently take control of your life
  •  Discover your purpose on a deeper level.
  • Release what’s holding you back from taking action towards your dreams.

You and I will work together to reset your unconscious mind and you and Staria will work together to reset and balance your energy through extremely powerful and highly effective Reiki healing.

Reiki is a spiritual practice that focuses on elevation of spirit and removal and releasing of energetic blockages. It offers healing in physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects. Restoration of balance in self and helping energy flow more freely and smoothly throughout chakras.

You have the option to meet with us monthly or bi-weekly over the course of three months. Every session we have will be followed by a Reiki session with Staria. 

In addition to our one on one sessions you’ll receive the following:

Chakra Clearing & Balancing- Chakras are energy centers within the human body that help to regulate all its processes from organ function, immune system & emotions. There are chakras positioned throughout your body. Removal of blockages within the 7 main chakras aids in a client releasing stagnant energies and reiki healing restoring balance aids in renewal.

Cord Cutting- There are energetic cords that connect you to other people, places & things. These are well known as etheric or energy cords. With these cords come emotional attachments and not all attachments suit your highest good.

You have the option to meet with us biweekly or once every month for 3 months. Allow Spirit to guide you on which level of frequencies resonates with you.

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