Grow Your Soul Purpose Into Your Soul Income™

Grow Your Soul Purpose Into Your Sole Income™
A spiritual exploration of business, purpose, & profit.

Grow Your Soul Purpose Into Your Sole Income™ isn’t for the empath that lacks courage, the Starseed who shifts blame, the indigo that makes excuses. It isn’t for the individual hiding behind their traumatic past.


Grow Your Soul Purpose Into Your Sole Income™ is an elevated course that facilitates a thriving community of diverse, determined and willful soul centered service providers. Lightworkers committed to exploring their unique spiritual paths with accountability, openness, and love.

The Time Is Now.

Release fear of the unknown, uncomfortable challenges and not succeeding at your dreams.

Freedom means owning your spiritual power, speaking and living your truth and having a genuine understanding of your purpose and the impact you’re meant to create in this world.

Grow Your Soul Purpose Into Your Sole Income™ is a spiritual experience of clarity, purpose, and action. Uncover your strength, connect to Divine guidance and love in a way that empowers you to create a world rooted in truth, compassion, and freedom.

The Details:

You’ll receive downloadable workbooks with questions, prompts and exercises to explore and develop your spiritual and business life.

You have access to Nahkila Isha’ in the exclusive members only GYSP Facebook group where she will conduct a monthly live Q & A so  you can gain more clarity about the challenges and questions that have emerged while taking this course. The GYSP group provides great extended support and networking opportunities.

Grow Your Soul Purpose Into Your Sole Income

The curriculum:

Module 1 – Grow Your Soul Purpose Into Your Sole Income
Module 2 – The Power of Soul Connection
Module 3 – Developing Your Unique System
Module 4 – Creating Your Business Name
Module 5 – Attracting Your Soul Client
Module 6 – Soul Centered Group Coaching
Module 7 – Pricing and Launching Your Program
Module 8 – Attract Your First Paying Client
Bonus Module – Crystals

” Nahkila is a true Earth Angel! 

I can honestly say since I’ve been on the grow your soul purpose course, I have been experiencing a total shift in my life. Nahkila is amazing to work with, and I would highly recommend it. I knew this was for me and there is no looking back.

I have been working with Nahkila for over a year now, firstly I joined her “United Light Beings Awakening” Facebook group, I also enrolled on the “Grow Your Soul Purpose Into Your Sole Income” course, and was so fortunate to join Nahkila at her first “Activating You Retreat.”
I chose to enroll in the “Grow Your Soul Purpose Into Your Sole Income” course, as I am starting my own energy healing business, and I knew I needed more guidance. Nahkila has helped me in so many ways, by supporting me to develop my own spiritual skills and that of the business. She has given me insights and strength that I didn’t realise I had within me. I highly recommend this course if you are starting out on a venture to serve your highest self and others. 

Gillian S.

*If Grow Your Soul Purpose Into Your Sole Income is stirring something in your spirit, that’s a strong indication that it’s the course for you. There are no refunds, so sign up with confidence.

Payment plans are available 

Who’s Nahkila Isha’?

I’m a soul activating healer and mentor with certifications in NLP, Spiritual Life & Business Coaching, and Trauma Release. I’m a Reiki Master Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist who graduated from Bennett Stellar University at the top of my class and continued my studies with Spiritual Healer, Donna Lambdin of Maha Methods. I am a Spirit-led Divine Interpreter with a true love and passion for working towards shifting the collective consciousness of humanity. It is my pleasure and honor to serve you.

*All investments are final. Payment is indication that you understand and agree to these terms.

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