Connect To Your Soul And Love Yourself More

The Activating You Retreat™ A 6-DAY ENLIGHTENING RETREAT WHERE LIGHTWORKERS GATHER TO RECHARGE AND ASCEND TO THE NEXT LEVEL Be Beautiful Conference Come join me and these brilliant speakers for the Be Beautiful Conference, hosted by Nefertiti S. FisherThis event is Life Changing so Don’t Miss It! Be sure to select your dietary preference and list Nahkila Isha’ as the person who invited you…. Read More


Release What No Longer Serves You And Embrace Your Inner Divinity

For individuals who choose to connect with Spirit, the journey of awakening is beautiful and rewarding beyond your wildest imagination. But as you began to shift away from the person you used to be, you find that this path can also be lonely, confusing, and even scary at times. To guide you through the highs and lows that comes with awakening, Spirit directed me… Read More


Grow Your Soul Purpose Into Your Soul Income™

Grow Your Soul Purpose Into Your Sole Income™ A spiritual exploration of business, purpose, & profit. Grow Your Soul Purpose Into Your Sole Income™ isn’t for the empath that lacks courage, the Starseed who shifts blame, the indigo that makes excuses. It isn’t for the individual hiding behind their traumatic past. IT’S FOR THE SOUL CENTERED, LIGHT BEARING, COURAGEOUS BEING WHO’S READY TO STEP… Read More