Everything Starts with Remembering

Greetings, Divine Radiance,

While connecting with Spirit, I was led to create something really special for you— a free gift that will help you jolt your memory and activate the beginning of or the next level of your awakening.  The free gift is a Spirit led interactive E-book titled Everything Starts with Remembering ™

The reason I was led to create this and offer it to you is because we’ve all been born with some degree of spiritual amnesia. In order for us to embrace our inner Divinity, we must first remember who we are on a soul level. We must remember who we were before the world taught us who we “should” be.

In the Everything Starts with Remembering ™ Interactive E-book, you will:

• Begin the process of activating your memory and living in your truth

• Learn a proven technique to begin rewiring your unconscious mind

• Elevate your vibration 

You will also realize on a deeper level how the world we live in affected our unconscious mind and pulled us away from who we truly are as Light Beings. When you do the work to heal you begin to remember you are The Divine having a human experience. You also discover that you are an alchemist who possesses the power to control your own destiny; there is nothing that you cannot create, cannot do, and cannot shift. If there’s a block that prevents you from creating magic in your life, it’s because you created it in one way or another.

The beauty in this fact is if you created it,  you can also remove it. Your power lies in your ability to choose. It’s totally up to you to remember your power, your strength, and who you are.

​To get started, I’d like to​ invite you to take advantage of this opportunity by downloading the Everything Starts with Remembering ™ Interactive E-book. Explore, enjoy, and remember your true self as a spiritual being.

Become the magnificent light beam you were meant to be so you can  create the life you’ve always dreamed of!

​Thank you so very much for allowing me to serve you. 

Gratitude Love & Light,

Nahkila Isha’