Loving Testimonies


Casey Stewart

“LOVE is the word that popped up to me…when I first met you I felt it. It’s something about you when I’m around you or even hear your voice I feel so much Love and Compassion. When I attended one of your spiritual happy hours I was embraced with absolute Love from you….I wasn’t used to that and that’s why I burst out in tears. I felt absolute Love and I felt like everything was going to be alright. I’m tearing up just writing this. At times I want to give up but just hearing your voice makes me want to keep going. Words cannot describe how blessed and grateful I am that the Divine brought us together. Thanks so much for sharing your LOVING spirit with me.”

Casey Stewart

Nahkila Isha’ does amazing work. I found her at a time when I was looking for answers. Working with Spirit, she provided information and answers I needed to move forward and feel better about what is to come next. I am grateful and blessed that I have had the opportunity to work with you!

Douglas Miyata

My experience has a range of emotions. Scared to fearless, painful to acknowledgment, lack to non-stoppable. My language has changed from “I’ll try”  to “I am getting it done now.” “I might’ to “I have.” I am living proof of Nahkila’s work.  You must be ready because it is not easy however it is rewarding on the other side. Once I leaped into the R.E.M mentorship.  I was still skeptical, however, I wanted so much more for myself and family that I had to jump. I was ready!!!!! I began a year ago. I had to come clean about my feelings, my fears, my huge goals, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, alcohol abuse, smoking, broken relationships yet I still felt life had more to offer me. So I did the work. Today when I face an obstacle I CHOSE HAPPY. That’s it. That simple and I move on. My life is filled with ups and downs yet I only receive Abundance from it all. I am a proud member of the R.E.M mentorship and United Light Beings Awakening group. An amazing family that supports me through EVERYTHING! I AM GRATEFUL!

Love Allatha

I started my spiritual work with Nahkila last year. I wasn’t sure if I needed these services as I had many coaches and mentors. I worked with Nahkila for 6 months and during that time my soul opened up. This wasn’t like any coaching I had before. I knew how to make money and start a business and often we feel this is all we need to be successful or be of worth or value. I learned to release things I didn’t even realize still had a hold on me. I learned to trust myself again and to even forgive my deceased father who wasn’t available any during my childhood. If you need to move to the next level and you are feeling stagnant or stuck, Nahkila Isha’ can and will help you move past whatever is holding you down. you can never truly move to the next level in life until you heal. I highly recommend these services. 5 Plus stars.

Audra Dukes

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“The healing of my Soul has been reaching some of the deepest levels! Such an INSPIRATIONAL NURTURING SPIRITUAL ADVISOR! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANYTHING NAHKILA ISHA’ IS A PART OF! HER LOVE IS SO PURE & UNCONDITIONAL! “AN-GEL OF MIIIIIINE!” *Singing in my Monica voice*”

Quita Doswell

“Nahkila, Love is a word that I use to describe you. When I see you I feel the pure love from you. Thank you.”


Ravinder Khattra

“It was so wonderful working with Nahkila. Love how passionate she is about helping people. I have been searching for help with agoraphobia for a long time. I was even on the TV program “The Doctors”trying to get help. They supplied me with a psychologist for 6 months and although it felt good to get some things off my chest, it didn’t really help me with my issue. I needed to be able to get out of the house. I’ve been working with Nahkila and after just two sessions, I was able to get out of the house. I now am enjoying family functions and taking my son to and from school, which I haven’t been able to do in years. I’m so happy with the outcome of these sessions and will continue to work with Nahkila.”

See Teresa on The Doctors here

Teresa Wyatt

Berteena Hurndon

“Nahkila Isha is one beautiful Soul who is definitely in tune with the Spirit world. It was a little over a year ago that I was going through a difficult time in my life and felt that I had not one true individual inwhom I could turn to for genuine support.

Nahkila, I believe obeyed the leading of The Most High and reached out to me in a mother-son support group that we both were in. I AM eternally grateful to her and other beautiful Souls in her mentorship group called R. E. M. Release. Evolve. Maintain. is where my Soul Tribe meet and graciously share with one another genuine unconditional Love, spiritual guidance and unfailing support.

If you happen to be looking for your Soul Tribe AKA Soul Family then reach out to my beautiful Soul SiStar and schedule a consultation with her concerning your concerns. I AM much older than Nahkila nonetheless, I have learned so much during my spiritual journey from her wise counsel.

Peace and Elevation!!!”

Berteena Williams

“Nahkila vibrates so high! You’re light, joy & inner peace is seen in the brightness of your eyes, smile, and presence. You epitomize ENLIGHTENMENT & LOVE!!

Working with you in our sessions leaves me feeling loved, guided and understanding my life’s purpose more and more! It is literally changing my life for my highest good by teaching me how to love myself and others unconditionally. This is the essence of my soul’s purpose!”

Traci Adams

“I started working with Nahkila Isha’ about two years ago while I was struggling with a variety of issues regarding myself and my purpose.  During our first session via Zoom, I felt something coming from her through my computer screen but I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time.  Now, after working with her for so long, I realized what it was: the sincerity, inner peace, and self-love that is only awarded to those who do the spiritual work necessary, who finally internalize their worth as human beings. Within a few months of working with her, I found that I can trust her and that she wasn’t just another “metaphysical spiritualist” judging me for being who I was at the time.  She wasn’t pushing me to be like someone else but encouraging me to be an enhanced version of who I am. Our work together is one of the reasons why I came out as trans. I’ve uncovered so much more of myself within two years than I did going to therapy. That speaks volumes to my own growth. Whenever I talk to Nahkila, I always wish that our sessions never ended or that she lived close. Thank you so much, Nahkila.  You have all of my love and support.”

Javi Mason

Nahkila’s mentoring has helped me to bring up the problem I had buried, address it, and properly release it so I can move on and begin to live my life the way I always wanted. I chose to continue my coaching sessions with Nahkila because I’m at a point of experiencing a breakthrough and there is still much that needs to be done, such as my rebuilding. The rebuilding is so vital as I learn to view myself and situations in my life in a new way I never have before. I trust Nahkila and am confident that my sessions with her will continue to get me positive results.”

Ruby Jackson

“So much to say, but where to start?

I came to Nahkila for guidance in my verbally abusive relationship and wanting to know how to advance from it. Having PTSD and bipolar disorder, I’ve been in therapy since I was 8 yrs old. Nahkila has me touching parts of my mind nobody could get me to. Speaking with her and learning myself through her guidance, has been a true eye-opener. In a time where I’m feeling like I’m too weak, she provided me a simple way to get in touch with who I AM, and who I’d like to see more of in me. I’m very grateful and appreciative of her time and care into this healing process.”

Jennifer Cathcart

“Nahkila worked with me to eliminate limiting beliefs that I had about myself. Thoughts that had been holding me back for years. She took me through exercises that enabled me to see those beliefs (and others I did not know I had) and to replace them with useful beliefs that moved me toward my goals with confidence. We actually pushed away the negative thoughts and pulled in a new view of my life. Nahkila’s calm, easy going, non-judgmental style makes it easy to trust her and work with her, which allowed me to get more accomplished. I felt very comfortable with her.”

Arnice Hall- Foster- Esq.

“I want to thank you again Nahkila for the life-transforming sessions I received from you. I felt really safe and comfortable with you.

The Time-Line will further benefit me by staying centered in my own life and with my spiritual growth. It has built a bridge of connection for me – something I have been searching for.  Also, the Reiki that I received was wonderfully peaceful and calming and I will be a return client. You are truly healing with angels.”

Cheryl Johnson

“Nahkila has been an instrumental part in changing my life.  Her passion to help me find my purpose, resulted in an influx of positive changes in my life!  Thank you Nahkila for believing in me and sharing your talents to help release all my blocks holding me back. You helped me change my life!”

Megan Wolf

Meeting Nahkila Isha’ was a blessing to my life.

I have not been the same since our phone conversation. She gave me confirmations on things that my spirit had already told me. I just was so confused about which step to take, and how to get started.

Nahkila is so compassionate, and empathic, Her healing spirit and words, helped me to understand and believe in myself. She helped me release and let go of something I had held in my heart for twenty-seven years. As negative as it was she gave me gentle permission to let go. She revealed my hopes and dreams and gave me a Mantra to speak over and over to myself.

Nahkila’s calm and reassuring nature helped me over the hump. Nahkila helped to get on the path to a healthy, unhidden, vulnerable, warrior spirit. That is the Tru me. Right now, in this space, I am happy and uninhibited. God bless Nahkila. I will return to her again and again for spiritual refills as needed and I recommend her to every woman and man that will allow her to touch their spirit. You will not regret it.”

Alice Cooper

Working with Nahkila Isha has been paramount in my healing process of releasing things that no longer serve me, especially trauma. Through our mentoring/coaching sessions, I was able to not only release trauma but also show gratitude for the lessons I’ve learned empowering me to move on from low -vibrating energy that had me captive and stagnant. I value my time with Nahkila Isha because she has reminded me that my body is a temple, and wellness comes from within. She created a 21 vegan challenge that I gave a try to see if I could be accountable for myself with research and support along the way I am now embodying a healthy lifestyle of mind, body, and soul. I am so grateful for our mentoring sessions!”

Denise Nicole

“I have been blessed to be connected with Nahkila Isha’. She truly lives the life of clarity and I have witnessed Blessings hovering over her and all around her. She is truly gifted and has a heart for the people. I’m a better being because of her.”

Michelle Jones

“I just love Nahkila!!

Always genuine and on point with every detail.

Everything I’ve pondered and asked to be revealed was answered, but get this… we did not have a previous conversation to discuss what I desired to know or what I’m going through on a personal level! I will continue working with Nahkila. I am honored to have crossed paths with her Spirit. Her genuine passion to use her gifts to help others heal and prosper is nothing short of amazing!!! I love you Nahkila!!!”

Neaette Ridgeway

“Nahkila has helped me in so many ways! Her unconditional love is amazing. She helped me feel so comfortable with no judgment. Her coaching has helped me release depression and anxiety. Throughout our sessions I was able to focus on my future and goal set with her. I’m so grateful to have my life back! Thank you!”

Michelle W. Hoffman

“Thank you so much for a genuine and thoughtful reading.

My skin is literally tingling with such positive energy. You mentioned visualization and manifesting several times. You couldn’t possibly know I hosted a private event with 13 girlfriends this past Friday night to work on vision boards! You also mentioned, take time to restore and replenish. I recently started going to a rejuvenation center. You mentioned, play more with girlfriends… Well, I leave Wednesday for 5 days in Mexico with 3 of my best girlfriends! I could go on and on about the accuracy and warmth of this reading… Thank you so much for your time and energy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with me.”

Fancy Frenchwood

“What I love most about Nahkila is she guides with her heart to produce results. She is truthful and knowledgeable in what she speaks about so that you can soar to the next level in your journey. Nahkila guides me in my coaching practice and in my network marketing business. I’m grateful for the techniques she uses to get me to where I am destined to get to in my practice and business. I’m grateful for her expertise because she forces me to grow into a better version of myself. I’m excited about the future!”

Candace Kinlow

“God places people in your life for a reason and I believe when the holy spirit uses someone. Nahkila Isha’ blessed my life beyond measure and I am deeply grateful. Sometimes in life, you need someone to help you navigate through some Traumatic situations. I know that God is a healer, but he uses vessels to help you. Nahkila Isha’ is that person to me. I am free from a lot of traumatic past because of God First and foremost and one of his precious vessels– Nahkila Isha’. She’s one of the reasons I am so free to do what I do now. Thank you for my Navigational Light!”

Nefertiti S. Fisher

I felt called to work on my spiritual growth to really connect in every way. I worked with Nahkila for 8 months and during that time, I connected, shifted and connected again. My business has shifted and I’m busier than ever before but this time with clarity and direction instead of just doing for doing sake. I’m tuning in more and stay connected to my inner self allowing spirit and intuition to guide me. Nahkila is great at holding space for you and sharing what needs attention, releasing or doing.

Petra Monaco

“I want to say what an AMAZING experience I had working with you! I could feel our energetic connection and I could feel that you truly understood and felt the things that were going through me energetically and physically during my Timeline Regression. Since our incredible work together, I’ve grown more confident and cleared blocks which have opened my energies and brought me in connection with my guides again. Your calm energy made me comfortable to do the necessary work! Thank you, beautiful soul, for your gift and for sharing it with the world!”

Windy Stabile

“I had a reading done by Nahkila about two months ago. My dream, prayer, and hope has since manifested as she said it would. Nahkila was spot on regarding time frame and even was able to direct my protective energy where it definitely needed to go. I treasure the comfort and sense of certainty from our reading and am thrilled to work together again!”

Amanda Jane Avis

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