Manifest Like A Master Abundance Workshop™

Greetings Divine Radiance,

Have you been manifesting positive abundance in your life here and there?

Does it often feel like life just happens and you aren’t in control of what you experience and receive?

Are you ready to be in full control and begin Manifesting Like A Master?

I was led by Spirit to host the Manifest Like A Master Abundance Workshop™️ so you can go from rolling with the punches, accepting the cards you’ve been dealt to tapping into the field of limitless potential and creating magic in your life.

Running away at 16 and being a teen mom at 19, statistically, my life was destined to fail, but not only did I defy statistics, I’m continuously thriving, manifesting abundance, and living my dreams!

During the Manifest Like A Master Abundance Workshop™ you will release the blocks that prevent you from tapping into the field of limitless potential and learn to control your vibration, becoming a magnet to abundance.Manifesting like a master requires us to align our vibration with the vibration of our desires. Blocked energy prevents you from doing this.

After you’ve learned to release and clear your energy, you will be taught my personal tried and true methods that will empower you to connect to Source and manifest any and everything you can imagine!

It’s not enough to know you can create your reality, it’s time to know how to create your reality.

Join me March 3rd 2019 for the life changing online
Manifest Like A Master Abundance Workshop™

We will begin at 11:11am PST

Peace, Love, Happiness, Freedom, & Wealth, Are Yours To Manifest.

When you take a single step towards change, The Divine takes several steps towards you.

To kick off your ability to manifest abundance, as a bonus you will receive the Strengthening Your Roots Of Awakening™ downloadable workbook to learn how to safely connect with your Divine Guides and co-create your abundant life with the auspicious guidance Spirit provides.

You’ll also receive a $286 credit that can be applied towards 2020 Activating You Retreat™️ when you enroll in both the workshop and retreat!

These incredible bonuses are valued at over $400. Look at you, already manifesting abundance like a master!

The time is Now to stop being the passenger in your life and take the wheel.

Are you ready?