Meet the Team

Nahkila Isha’ is a Spirit-led soul-centered service provider and the owner of Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting, LLC.  She is a Bennett Stellar University graduate, NLP Practitioner, Maha Reiki® Master Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trauma Release Specialist and Divine Interpreter, interpreting messages and methods from The Divine that empower you to create and live an abundant life. She shares her gifts by offering readings, group, couples, and private mentorships, inspirational speaking, and hosting the annual Activating You™ retreats.

Nahkila’s soul mission is to assist you with embracing your inner divinity and developing a deep connection with your intuitive gifts so you can live in your power, serve those you’re called to serve while creating miracles and magic in your life and business.Learn more about Nahkila

Louis J. Mason (also known as Javi) is a psychic and Intuitive Medium who focuses on generational trauma and ancestral healing through divination. In addition, Javi also hosts The Bow Tie Psychic Podcast, a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to sharing information and personal stories on the importance of ancestral work. They also use their personal/spiritual experiences as an Agender Transmasculine to serve the LGBTIQA+ community. They serve their soul clients by offering Tarot and Oracle readings, intuitive messages, energy healing, live and recorded YouTube videos, and words of wisdom through social media.

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Gillian Smith is a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner (Laika lineage) and a Jikiden Reiki practitioner, who is led by her higher self and Spirit to serve your soul. Gillian can connect and help you find who you truly are. Through many of the customized energy practices that she works with, she has a great capacity for holding sacred space for individuals looking to shed all that no longer serves them, and to help guide them on their healing journey. 

Gillian operates her own healing practice, I AM… Sacred Energy Healing in the beautiful Province of Nova Scotia, Canada, situated on their family-run organic farm. 

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