Monthly Dose of Sunshine – February 2019

Greetings Divine Radiance,

Welcome to your Monthly Dose of Sunshine with me, Nahkila Isha’ of Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting.

Today, we enter into February. And whatever the month is or the time is that you receive this message, I set the intention that it will serve your Highest Good regardless of when you view it.

I’d like to talk to you about an experience I had when I was meditating.

I was meditating and literally asked Spirit to show me the future. I said “Spirit show me the future.” And Spirit said “You show us the future.”

What this response did was allow me to really connect with that Inner Knowing that we are the ones that create our future. By me allowing myself to see what I’m choosing to create in my mind’s eye, I am allowing myself and empowering myself to manifest it.

Now we often say that we are manifesting our desired results– whatever they are. But the reality of it is, even in the Bible it talks about being made manifest. The reason is, everything that we can think to choose to manifest for ourselves already exist for us in a parallel universe, but we’re being called to align our vibration to the vibration of the things, experiences, people, places, and the abundance that we’re choosing for our lives. Trust and know it’s already there just waiting on you to allow yourself to receive it.  

Manifesting is the single most powerful gift that we’ve been blessed with, but it’s really up to us how deep we go with this.

There’s many things out on the internet that teaches us about manifesting, but there’s one component or another component missing from the equation. I’ve been led by Spirit to create the Manifest Like a Master Abundance Workshop TM for the purpose of teaching the missing links that are vital to increasing your manifesting potential. This workshop leaves no stone unturned. You will learn the formula that will empower you to manifest any and everything you desire. You’ll learn to align your energy and your vibration with the vibration of what you’re choosing to have in your life. You are a Master Manifestor and there is nothing that you cannot create.

Are you ready? Are you ready to step outside of just surviving life and begin living it, loving it, enjoying it through your creations?

If you’re ready, I’m ready to serve you!

This is an online workshop so wherever you are in the world, you can take advantage of this life-changing opportunity.

In the meantime, what I’d like to recommend that you start taking time every day to see the life that you’re choosing for yourself. See it, feel it, and pay attention to the senses within you. Smell what would it smell like in that moment. What does the air smell like? What does your perfume or cologne smell like. Feel what the sun feels like or the rain or whatever the situation is. Allow yourself to see it, feel it, experience it as if it’s your now.

There was something that came up in one of our January Wednesday Live Empower Hours… often times were told to fake it till we make it. And what Spirit said is we’re no longer faking it until we make it. We’re being led to be it until we see it. So I encourage you to take that and be whatever you’re choosing to be. Be it now!  Don’t speak of it as something in your future. Speak of it as in your now–be it until you see it.

I’m looking forward to having you join me for the Manifest Like a Master Abundance WorkshopTM

Enrollment is currently closed!

And in the meantime–before I leave you with peace, love, bliss, and abundance, go ahead and click the link below  so you can enroll and join me.

Ok, now I’m going to leave you with peace, love, bliss, and abundance!

Thanks so much for allowing me to serve you. Have a beautiful rest of the month.

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