Monthly Dose of Sunshine – January 2019

Greetings Divine Radiance,

Welcome to your Monthly Dose of Sunshine with me, Nahkila Isha’ of Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting. I’m an Divine Interpreter interpreting messages and methods from The Divine to empower you to create and live an abundant live.

So I like to first start by saying Happy New Year. So I decided today for January’s Monthly Dose of Sunshine that I would pull cards. So I shuffled before we got on and the two cards that came up were Goddess of Fire and Goddess of Earth.

So I’m just going to allow you to take a look at these cards for a second.

And as I was holding the cards, what was coming through is Goddess of Fire and Earth–fire and Earth. There are so many things that are interconnected and the very thing that can give life to something else, that something else has the ability to destroy the thing that gave it life.

So when you think in terms of Earth, wood comes from the earth, it comes from the trees. And when you think of fire, wood allows fire to burn. You’re able to start a fire by using wood. As it relates to you in your life, you’re being called to know that just as you give birth, give life to your fears, you also have the ability to destroy them.

You also have the ability to push past the fears that are deeply rooted in your soul, the fears that have traveled with you from lifetime after lifetime. You have the ability to no longer suffer. To no longer be afraid. To no longer have pain be a natural part of your existence.

But it starts with you making one single choice and that choice is to do whatever it takes to heal. I was once where you are right now where you’re sitting there. And life is just happening and it feels like it’s one hurdle after another that you’re being called to overcome or to work your way through. And there’s always a tight squeeze and there’s always discomfort.

And it started with me realizing that I had reached my spiritual bottom and I made the choice. I made the choice that my life had more purpose than simply surviving. That my life was not only meant to be lived, but it was meant to be lived with joy from a place of love and light. And not just where that love and light exists within me, but where I was able to take all that love and that light that had just been planted here. And I was growing and brewing here and to project it into the world.

And right now you’re being called to ask yourself “Is 2019 going to be like all the years before? Or am I ready to finally do something different so that I can receive something different?”

You and I have not connected by chance. You watching this is not by chance. Whether you’re someone that is in the United Light Beings Awakening Group and you join me every week for Wednesday Live Empower Hour or whether this is your first time seeing this. And listen — I set the intention that whether it is January 1st 2019 or December 21st 2030, this message will resonate and serve your Highest Good wherever you view it.

But Spirit is telling you to ask yourself what are you really choosing for your life. This is not a coincidence. This is not your imagination. This is the answer that you’ve been seeking–whether you’ve been praying, whether you’ve been meditating or whether you’ve been contemplating how you can dig your way out of the ditch that has become your life. How can you improve by standing on solid ground?

How can you build a strong foundation?

It’s time for you to take action. It’s time for you to trust that The Divine has your back and whatever’s holding you back–whether it’s fear, whether it’s finances, whether it’s family, lack of support– whatever it is. When you take that step in the direction of change, Spirit will not only show up and show out, but Spirit will guide you, protect you, and provide for you.

So I’m being told to deliver this message to start 2019 off different. Say “yes” to where you’re being led. Say “yes” to where you’re being called and say “yes” to you. Allow yourself the gift of healing. Allow yourself the gift of awakening. Allow yourself the gift of the next level.

You’re being called, Lightworker. The alarm is going off. Please don’t hit snooze.

It is time for you to take your rightful place in this world and to shine your light brightly so that you can help others navigate through the darkness into their light. But the only way you can do this is if you heal.

If you embrace, not just your light, but your shadow self. If you embrace the lessons, if you embrace the trials, the tribulations and if you do so with gratitude and with an understanding and a knowing that everything is as it should be. No longer fighting against the current but going with the flow.

Where is the tide leading you today? Where?

 I’m here to serve you. This is my calling. My calling is to empower you to heal so that you can create and live an abundant life. And abundance comes in so many shapes and forms. It’s not just financial. It’s peace. It’s balance. It’s harmony. It’s bliss. It’s joy. It’s love. It’s gratitude. It’s growth. It’s self-discovery. It’s activation. It’s Divine. It’s you.

So I am available to serve you in any way that I possibly can and I’d like to invite you to take me up on that offer. Look in the description. Go to the offerings page. Join the United Light Beings Awakening Group. Schedule a reading. Let’s connect on whatever way you feel led to do so so together we can begin the process.

This year is your year. It’s your year. It’s your year. Every year has the potential of being your year. But it’s about what are you choosing?

Release fear. Release fear. Understand that you are the god or the goddess and that there is nothing that you cannot do when you say “yes,” when you believe, when you know.

So thank you so much for taking the time out to watch this. To receive this message. I’m so grateful. I’m so honored, and I’m so looking forward to serving you. I leave you with peace, love, bliss, and abundance. I’ll talk to you soon. Happy New Year.

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