Monthly Dose of Sunshine – March 2019

Greetings Divine Radiance,

Welcome to your March Monthly Dose of Sunshine with me, Nahkila Isha’ of Ashworth Life Sculpting.

Have you ever heard the saying cleanliness is next to Godliness? I heard that saying throughout my teenage years and I partially understood what that meant back then. I thought it was just applied to physical space as anyone else would, right? I AM being led to deliver a message about cleaning house–and I’m not just talking about your physical home, but your spiritual body and soul as well.

What does this mean?

Every human being is gifted with the ability to communicate with Spirit using their Life Force Energy. In fact, that Life Force Energy is where our Inner Power is stored so that we can tap into Spirit and welcome all that is our birthright (happiness, abundance and so on). But when our bodies are cluttered with things such as an unhealthy diet, excessive use of drugs and alcohol, or lack of rest, we become blocked energetically and this disrupts the positive flow of energy.

So this month, Spirit is calling for you to not only clean the house that stores all your tangible belongings, but the temple that stores your soul.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to keep your temple clean…

  1. Meditate twice a day (once in the morning and again before bed).
  2. Eat and maintain a clean healthy diet
  3. Alleviate drugs and alcohol (or drink in moderation)

Meditation is the master key because it allows Spirit to tell you what and who to eliminate in order to clean house energetically.

Yes, people can act as blocks too.

There were many times when I was called to separate from people because I chose to elevate and they chose to remain where they were. At this point, there was no balance between us and that lack of balance disrupted my peace. Not everyone will possess the same desire to grow spiritually and that’s okay, but by staying attached to them your positive movement forward becomes hindered.

It’s up to you to see and experience the blessings, the magic, and the abundance that is right at your fingertips!

In other words, spring is around the corner and

it’s time to clean house. The sun is starting to shine and the flowers are starting to bloom and we ourselves are shifting too. March is a great time to get clear and declutter so that your Higher Self is aligned with the abundant life Spirit has in store for you. Allow yourself to receive abundance.

Elevate your vibration.

To connect and discover what things Spirit is guiding you to release during your “spring cleaning” schedule a personal reading with me or one of the talented readers on my team.

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