Monthly Dose of Sunshine – May 2019

Greetings Divine Radiance,

I was led to pull a card from a deck I recently purchased and Spirit told me to read from the booklet that came with them. Between the passages I read and what I intuitively received from Spirit, the message is very clear: Patience and Divine guidance is key.

When we follow our Inner Guidance System, we care less about what others think because we are able to stand firm in our choices.


Because Spirit never steers us wrong when we choose to listen to our Inner Guidance System and allow ourselves to be led by our Divine Spirit Team. When we are guided by self, we are often influenced by the opinions of other people and what they have to say about us and our choices.

May is the perfect time to self-reflect and evaluate on your past. Evaluate your past experiences, choices, reactions, and feelings so that you can understand how each of those elements shape you now.

Some methods I use that changed my life and the lives of those I work with use are:

  1. Timeline Regression Therapy. It’s what I call the Mothership of Healing Modalities because it allows you and I to get to the root of your blocks and heal them on an unconscious level in your past, present, and future.
  1. Journaling. Writing is a multi-faceted tool because, in addition to helping you manifest, it allows you to visually see all the unconscious messages that have been blocking your spiritual elevation. This also gives you the opportunity to not only release all that no longer serves you, but to replace low vibrating, lack thinking with high vibrational abundant thinking through the use of positive affirmation starting with “I am.”
  1. Meditation. This non-negotiable exercise will heal your mind, body and spirit while connecting you to The Divine, empowering you to receive the guidance required to elevate your level of consciousness and your life.

Last month we were called to clean our spiritual house and this month Spirit is telling us to look within to determine what continues to hold us back so we can move forward. This requires you to be honest with yourself in order to rediscover who you truly are on a soul level. Remember you must feel it to heal it and you’re capable of anything because you’re a magical being made of stardust and cosmic love!

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