Nahkila Isha' Reading
Nahkila Isha’ is a Divine Interpreter, Reiki Master Teacher, Mentor, and Psychic Medium who specializes in Spiritual Awakening and Trauma Release. Isha’ is the CEO and operator of Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting LLC, a spirituality-based company through which clients safely release trauma to activate their own psychic potential to create a life filled with magic and abundance.

A Lightworker incorporating metaphysics with professional credentials and her own experiences with overcoming trauma, Isha’ utilizes her empathic abilities and Divine wisdom to best serve the couples, groups, and individuals to whom she provides services.
As a Spirit-led mentor and motivational speaker, she stresses the importance of meditation and prayers of gratitude, showing how both can support Lightworkers on their journey of awakening while ascending to the next level to manifest one’s desires through personal stories. Isha’ also speaks on the healing power of crystals, the significance of protecting the aura, energy exchange through working with others, and uses Oracle cards and her extraordinary gift of clairaudience to interpret messages and methods from The Divine to those seeking precise guidance on their life journey.
Isha’ utilizes her gift of mediumship to provide clients with messages from loved ones that have transcended, gifting them with closure and peace.

Isha’ is aware that everyone is born psychic, but not everyone is in tune with this gift. She teaches clients how to connect to their inner divinity and connect to Spirit through her retreats, courses, workshops and her exclusive online mentoring.

Nahkila Isha’ lives with her family in the Washington State area.

Nahkila Isha’ offers a variety of reading options to provide you with what resonates with you.

Recorded 1 Question Reading

During checkout, leave 1 question you’d like answered and Nahkila Isha’ will provide you with a video response within 7-10 days of your purchase

Recorded 3 Question Reading

During checkout, leave 3 questions you’d like answered and Nahkila Isha’ will provide you with a video response within 7-10 days of your purchase

Virtual Face to Face 30 or 50 Minute Reading

You and Nahkila Isha’ will meet face to face via Zoom for a live reading where you can ask for insight and guidance with no restriction for a 30 or  50 minutes reading.

Group Readings

Nahkila Isha’ is available to attend your events virtually and in person and will conduct accurate readings for you and your guests. Rates vary based on location, time, and the number of guests. Please submit inquiries here

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“I just love Nahkila!!
Always genuine and on point with every detail.
Everything I’ve pondered and asked to be revealed was answered, but get this… we did not have a previous conversation to discuss what I desired to know or what I’m going through on a personal level! I will continue working with Nahkila. I am honored to have crossed paths with her Spirit. Her genuine passion to use her gifts to help others heal and prosper is nothing short of amazing!!! I love you Nahkila!!!” 

Neaette Ridgeway

“Thank you so much for a genuine and thoughtful reading.
My skin is literally tingling with such positive energy. You mentioned visualization and manifesting several times. You couldn’t possibly know I hosted a private event with 13 girlfriends this past Friday night to work on vision boards! You also mentioned, take time to restore and replenish. I recently started going to a rejuvenation center. You mentioned, play more with girlfriends… Well, I leave Wednesday for 5 days in Mexico with 3 of my best girlfriends! I could go on and on about the accuracy and warmth of this reading… Thank you so much for your time and energy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with me.”

Fancy Frenchwood

“I had a reading done by Nahkila about two months ago. My dream, prayer, and hope has since manifested as she said it would. Nahkila was spot on regarding time frame and even was able to direct my protective energy where it definitely needed to go. I treasure the comfort and sense of certainty from our reading and am thrilled to work together again!”

Amanda Jane Avis