Readings with Javi

Louis J. Mason (also known as Javi) is a Lightworker and spiritual teacher in Rochester, New York. They initially began their journey as a tarot card reader in 1999 and have since done card readings at parties, various metaphysical businesses, and a psychics fair in the Buffalo, New York area. Mason is also an Intuitive medium, picture reader, aura reader, and Empath. They teach workshops to community Lightworkers, one of the courses involving creating a vision book (a commonplace book which helps people manifest their desired goals). To reach the masses outside of Rochester, they are developing and hosting The Bow Tie Psychic, a weekly podcast that centers politics and pop culture from a Lightworker’s perspective.

In addition to being an active Lightworker, Mason is also a self-published author, storyteller, and poet. In 2016, they published the political science-fiction novel, The One Taken from the Sea of Stars under the pen name Octavia Davis. They are currently working on the second installment. They are also a contributor to The Empty Closet, Rochester’s monthly LGBTIQA publication. Mason is a member of the local storytelling troupe Come As You Are and will be performing at the Pittsburgh Fringe Fest in April. They teach various workshops at the literally organization Writers and Books, including Character and Chapter Development 101, a six-week long workshop.

In their spare time, Mason reads, writes, takes naps, and spends time with beloved cat-son, Tobias.

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Recorded 1 Question Reading

During checkout, leave 1 question you’d like answered and Javi will provide you with a video response within 7-10 days of your purchase

Recorded 3 Question Reading

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Virtual Face to Face 30 or 50 Minute Reading

You and Javi will meet face to face via Zoom for a live reading where you can ask for insight and guidance with no restriction for a 30 or  50 minutes reading.

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“I’ve gotta say Javi is ridiculously accurate! I had been feeling rather skeptical as of late and sought out his help. I went in with no expectations, only because I had been skeptical for quite some time, and left feeling invigorated. My faith in spiritualism has been restored thanks to Javi. He’s very easy going and in tune with his abilities. If you’re looking for guidance, answers, or just reassurance, please go to him!”

  —Jeice Diamond

“Javi is fantastic with his readings. I’ve had a few and also tune in for his monthly’s on YouTube and instagram and they are always SPOT ON! I am always in awe literally shaking my head in disbelief and how he can hone in on the issues or situations. I feel such confirmation and I am put at ease after a reading with Javi. I feel seen! Get a reading and you will understand exactly what I mean by that. They are very helpful in putting things into perspective!”

—Nicoya Manymoons