Readings with Nicki

My name is Nicki Wilson. I was born in 1987 and discovered that I was different only a few years after that. I knew I was psychic as a child, but never truly harnessed the powerful gift until I started working with Nahkila.

As a child, I would often play guessing games with my sister and had her completely convinced I was psychic. I didn’t think it was so serious until I literally predicted my parent’s divorce and was able to give specific details about the events leading up to. My parents were stunned as well.

I went on through my teenage years in denial and started to forget, however, I always knew I was special.

I started connecting with multiple people’s loved ones who had passed. So often that I knew this was no coincidence. I was able to feel their presence and sometimes hear their messages.

I bought a tarot deck in 2011 and started giving readings. I became so naturally inclined at connecting with people on a soul level, that I was able to give the advice to help propel others on their path. I kept this gift quiet for some time, in fear of judgment from others.

After meeting with Nahkila and working with her in the R.E.M. mentorship, I have fully discovered that my gifts are real and I have embraced my Psychic Medium abilities. I now know how to give messages surrounded in love and light while rooted in truth. I am able to accurately connect with Spirit to ensure that my messages serve your highest good.

I am a single mother of two amazing indigo children. I have a son who is 9 and a daughter who is 2. They are truly my world. Ever since I have answered my calling as a psychic, God has been blessing us ever since. I know that listening to my souls urges to assist others with intuitive guidance has given my life so much purpose and joy. My children certainly benefit from having a happy mom who embraces her path of a lightworker.

I am so excited to serve those seeking guidance and those looking to connect with their loved ones. I’m looking forward to connecting with you on a soul level and have complete faith in your satisfaction. Blessings.

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