Readings with Nicki

My name is Nicki Wilson. I was born in 1987 and discovered that I was different only a few years after that. I knew I was psychic as a child, but never truly harnessed the powerful gift until I started working with Nahkila.

As a child, I would often play guessing games with my sister and had her completely convinced I was psychic. I didn’t think it was so serious until I literally predicted my parent’s divorce and was able to give specific details about the events leading up to. My parents were stunned as well.

I went on through my teenage years in denial and started to forget, however, I always knew I was special.

I started connecting with multiple people’s loved ones who had passed. So often that I knew this was no coincidence. I was able to feel their presence and sometimes hear their messages.

I bought a tarot deck in 2011 and started giving readings. I became so naturally inclined at connecting with people on a soul level, that I was able to give the advice to help propel others on their path. I kept this gift quiet for some time, in fear of judgment from others.

After meeting with Nahkila and working with her in the R.E.M. mentorship, I have fully discovered that my gifts are real and I have embraced my Psychic Medium abilities. I now know how to give messages surrounded in love and light while rooted in truth. I am able to accurately connect with Spirit to ensure that my messages serve your highest good.

I am a single mother of two amazing indigo children. I have a son who is 9 and a daughter who is 2. They are truly my world. Ever since I have answered my calling as a psychic, God has been blessing us ever since. I know that listening to my souls urges to assist others with intuitive guidance has given my life so much purpose and joy. My children certainly benefit from having a happy mom who embraces her path of a lightworker.

I am so excited to serve those seeking guidance and those looking to connect with their loved ones. I’m looking forward to connecting with you on a soul level and have complete faith in your satisfaction. Blessings.

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Recorded 1 Question Reading

During checkout, leave 1 question you’d like answered and Nicki will provide you with a video response within 7-10 days of your purchase.

Recorded 3 Question Reading

During checkout, leave 3 questions you’d like answered and Nicki will provide you with a video response within 7-10 days of your purchase.

Virtual Face to Face 30 or 50 Minute Reading

You and Nicki will meet face to face via Zoom for a live reading where you can ask for insight and guidance with no restriction for a 30 or  50 minutes reading.

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Nicki is a beautiful soul. She was born with a gift that heals and touches so many hearts. She gives you a peace of mind through her readings. She’s been doing my readings since we were 16 (16 years ago). Every time she has been 100 percent spot on. She’s predicted a lot of life-changing events in my life, and I can honestly say she saved me from a lot of hurt through her readings as well. Nicki and I have been through a lot together and she is a soul sister to me. I’m so proud of the woman she has become and blessed to call her one of my best friends. If you’re skeptical about getting a reading don’t be!!!!! You won’t be disappointed. Yes, it might be scary how accurate her readings are, but fear is an illusion! Nicki is blessed and guided by light from the Divine and she will serve you with what your Spirit needs to hear God bless.

— Nicole Waite

I received a reading by Nicki. She told me what I NEEDED to hear. I had been struggling with life choices for a while and she helped give me the guidance I needed to move forward with my choices. The reading Nicki provided to me not only helped me make choices I had been holding back on, her reading helped heal my heart and clear my mind. She was very caring and seemed to truly want to guide me in the right direction.

— Kristy Anai Cardona

I found Nicki by accident, I had seen a post where she offered a free 30 minute reading and I thought, “Why not?” but as I spoke with her, I was finding a hard time freeing up my schedule and quieting my mind and my full house so I could sit down without distractions. We finally agreed she would do the reading alone, and record it and send it to me. Which she did promptly. On first listen I was like, “Whoa! What did I just hear?” I had to think on it and then listen from start to finish 3,4,6 more times. I actually took 2 days to process before I contacted her back. What I thought was going to be an entertaining little jog through my Libra personality turned out to be this very deep, very personal look at me in the moment. I felt like she had peeked through my bedroom blinds or read my journal (If I kept one). In that 10 minute recording, she spoke sweetly and casually but every sentence was poignant and clear. I knew exactly what she was referencing immediately. Her insight is spot on and impressive. I appreciate so much about that first reading that I scheduled regular readings which I love and look forward to.

— Tammy Austin