Reiki Readings with Quita

My birth name is MarQuita Sanders-Doswell, also known by my soul name–  Staria. I was born August 18th 1983 in Tacoma, Washington. I have been an empath all my life, and as of January 24th 2018 I have gained clairvoyance, receive visions & a few other abilities.

Being an empath helped me to learn and understand the pain & burdens others carry, as well as inspired me to seek and create my own methods to assist myself and others with healing. I was introduced to Reiki Healing March of 2018 and I am now a Certified Reiki Practitioner in training to become a Reiki Master.

My gifts gave me the unique abilities of seeing chakras & blockages they hold in people which in turn allows me to remove blockages, etheric & emotional cords that hinder others in their journey.

I remove energies and cords no longer serving an individual and replace newly emptied spaces with love, healing & light through Reiki. I also give reflections on emotions that surface during the session, which helps my clients learn and understand what I removed so they are less likely to repeat the same cycles.

I am extremely thorough and passionate about aiding myself and others to heal and release all that does not serve them. I offer a wide range of unique Reiki Healing services through Divinely created methods that target problem areas.

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