Release What No Longer Serves You And Embrace Your Inner Divinity

For individuals who choose to connect with Spirit, the journey of awakening is beautiful and rewarding beyond your wildest imagination. But as you began to shift away from the person you used to be, you find that this path can also be lonely, confusing, and even scary at times. To guide you through the highs and lows that comes with awakening, Spirit directed me to create the R.E.M. Mentorship, so you can learn to live boldly in your purpose and be who you came here to be in this lifetime.

The purpose of the R.E.M Mentorship is to not only teach you the tools to Release and Evolve, but to also provide you with personalized methods to Maintain and build upon your growth. The R.E.M Mentorship guides you on how to safely uncover and access your own psychic potential while teaching you to live a Spirit-driven life. This powerful act of surrender, makes creating your reality easy and effortless. When allowing your life and business to be led by your Highest Source of Power, success and positive abundance is guaranteed!

As a result of the R.E.M Mentorship you will learn to Release what no longer serves your highest good, gain clarity on your purpose as a spiritual being, and learn how to connect to your highest consciousness. Connecting to your highest consciousness then empowers you to Evolve from a spiritual slumber to awakening your full potential. You will have the support and love from Nahkila Isha’ and the entire intimate R.E.M community to help you Maintain the peace, love, and freedom you now feel within.

This awakening is life–changing!

R.E.M is a twelve-month exploration of your spiritual journey and awakening. You have the option to work one on one with Nahkila Isha’ monthly in addition to the group mentoring when you sign up for R.E.M Elite. Regardless of which option you choose, the results from the exclusive R.E.M Mentorship will elevate your vibration and enable you to:

  • Heal and release trauma
  • Remember who you were before the world taught you who you “should” be
  • End the cycle of self-sabotage and embrace self- love
  • Reconnect with your Soul
  • Tap into your inner Divinity to connect with Spirit
  • Uncover and develop your psychic gifts
  • Create a life filled with peace, bliss and abundance
  • Connect with a loving community of beautiful radiant Lightworkers who understand you

The R.E.M Mentorship is a combination of guidance, support, teaching, love, and community. You have a unique calling; therefore, you require guidance that’s tailored to fit your uniqueness. This is the beauty of blessing yourself with a mentor who has such a strong connection to Spirit. The connection Nahkila Isha’ has with Spirit allows her to meet you where you are and provide you with positive life-changing results! Her love and support are felt in every session. She sets a tone that helps you feel safe to release, explore and embrace your true self. In other words, you’re not just a client—you’re family.

This is one of the many gifts that makes R.E.M so magical.

The R.E.M Mentorship is only open to a small group at a time to ensure you receive the energetic support you truly deserve. Your soul is guiding you deeper into the Light… 

Your investment in the R.E.M Group Mentorship includes

  • Access to the exclusive R.E.M Facebook community
  • One monthly 2-hour group session
  • One monthly group Spirit message shared live in the R.E.M group
  • Extended support within the group setting

Your investment in the R.E.M Elite Mentorship includes

  • Everything the R.E.M Group Mentorship includes plus:
  • Monthly 60-minute one on one sessions
  • Early access to all events, workshops & courses

“When I met you, I and my entire life was a complete mess. I was angry, fearful, lonely, and dealing with the worst bout of depression I’ve experienced in years. So when you said you saw my Light and potential, I didn’t believe you. Nahkila, you not only saved my life, you saw my potential as a person who could use their past to transform many lives. You’re beyond kind, insightful, courageous, giving. There aren’t any words to describe our kinship. You truly are my Sister-in-Light and I love you immensely”

– Louis J. Mason

Berteena Hurndon

 “Nahkila Isha is one beautiful Soul who is definitely in tune with the Spirit world. It was a little over a year ago that I was going through a difficult time in my life and felt that I had not one true individual in whom I could turn to for genuine support.

Nahkila, I believe obeyed the leading of The Most High and reached out to me in a mother-son support group that we both were in. I AM eternally grateful to her and other beautiful Souls in her mentorship group called R. E. M. Release. Evolve. Maintain. is where my Soul Tribe meet and graciously share with one another genuine unconditional Love, spiritual guidance and unfailing support.

If you happen to be looking for your Soul Tribe AKA Soul Family then reach out to my beautiful Soul SiStar and schedule a consultation with her concerning your concerns. I AM much older than Nahkila nonetheless, I have learned so much during my spiritual journey from her wise counsel.
Peace and Elevation!!!”

Berteena H.

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