But beneath the apparent surface, you’re exhausted, overwhelmed and desperately craving change to stop…

Saying yes when you feel no.
Staying in relationships, jobs and situations that no longer serve you or bring you joy
Overthinking, overworking, overeating.
Playing small, hiding in the shadows, ignoring your Soul’s calling

I understand how it feels to be disconnected, unfulfilled and out of touch with what brings you joy.

That’s what inspired the Activating You Retreat™️

This isn’t just another promotion…
Or class…
Or your typical personal getaway…

It’s all about the gathering of Light Bearers, embracing your inner divinity, standing powerfully in your truth and living genuinely from your Soul.

The Love, Light and Transformation of The Activating You Retreat™️
will positively change your life forever!

Activating You Retreat™️ is an intimate, intentional 7-day retreat for the Lightworker that’s ready to be fully connected and empowered — led by healer, mentor and soul activator, Nahkila Isha’.

Find true inspiration at The Activating You Retreat™️, held at an exclusive Retreat Center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Treat yourself to an unparalleled retreat experience: authentic and magical, immersed in lush jungle surroundings with views of the emerald ocean.
Sleep in beautiful eco-chic accommodations, enjoy delicious and healthy Mexican food, and participate in life changing activities in world-class yoga studios and on exquisite beaches. Join us in paradise and nurture your well-being.

You can expect: significant renewal and amazing breakthroughs, soul awakening ceremonies and Spirit-led processes, loving support, space to process, and the gift of making lifelong friends that instantly become family. Most importantly, you can expect to take a sacred journey of deep soul exploration that facilitates healing and growth so that you can fully embrace the magic of your inner divinity and remember who you were before the world taught you who you “should” be.

Because it’s never too late to uncover, discover and be who you truly are while manifesting the life you choose to create.

Now Enrolling for the February 2020 Activating: 

For seven days you will…

 Activate your Inner Divinity and gain clarity of who you are as a Spiritual Being

 Learn how to release what no longer serves you, forgive your past, and open yourself to love in the way The Divine intends for you to experience love

 Learn lessons on how to overcome the “lows” every Lightworker experiences on the journey of awakening as you elevate your vibration to ultimate peace

 Discover how your thinking, feelings, and speaking lack language repels your desires and how to vibrate at the frequency of abundance to attract magic in your life

Because energy is everything, learn energy clearing techniques you can do after the retreat to keep your chakras healthy. 

We’ll also have a Release Ceremony to cleanse your Soul of the debris that blocks your flow of bliss. 

In addition to lessons and vibration elevating activities, you’ll gain an opportunity to fellowship with other beautiful Souls who understand you because they too are on their personal journey of awakening. 

In other words, this is more than a retreat— It’s a Soul Family reunion! 

Because you deserve to relax and enjoy this divine experience, The Activating You Retreat is all inclusive!

Comfortable shared rooms
3 Delicious meat free meals a day
Transportation from and to the airport 

If you are someone who craves an extended level of support and healing, the Activating You Retreat Plus is perfect for you!

The Activating You Retreat Plus includes all of the above mentioned perks PLUS 12-months in the R.E.M Group Mentorship!

You will have access to the exclusive R.E.M Facebook group, access to Nahkila Isha’ within the group setting in a personal way, and the ability to participate in monthly group mentoring sessions with access to the recorded session if you’re unable to attend the sessions live. This incredible mentorship is valued at over $1300!

By attending this empowering retreat, you’ll learn how to accept your calling, combat doubt and TRUST FULLY in the fact that you have been chosen as one of the few beings that agreed to awaken and assist with shifting the collective consciousness of humanity in a major way. 

This task comes with great personal rewards for you and those you serve.

The 2020 Activating You Retreat™️ is The Ultimate Awakening Experience. 

An intimate setting is best to ensure you fully receive what your soul is craving so there is a limit on the number of Lightworkers that will be attending the 2020 Activating You Retreat™️ Be the one that chooses to embrace this golden opportunity and SAY YES to activating you!

All-inclusive Activating You Retreat

All-inclusive Activating You Retreat Plus

All-inclusive Activating You Retreat Payment Plan Initiation

All-inclusive Activating You Retreat Plus Payment Plan Initiation

Please note…

You are responsible for your flight to and from the Puerto Vallarta Airport;
Our transportation service includes pick up from the airport, plus a 15-minute cab ride, and a beautiful 45-minute boat ride from La Terminal Maritima to the exotic retreat center. 

The fee for the payment plan initiation is in addition to the retreat investment amount. If you choose to initiate the payment plan, your full payment is due on or before December 31st 2019

The moment you enroll, the planning begins, so please enroll with confidence because there are no refunds. If you are unable to attend the 2020 Activating You Retreat™️ for any reason, you will be offered an opportunity to apply your investment towards the 2021 Activating You Retreat™️.