Nahkila Isha’ is a motivational speaker, Divine interpreter, spiritual teacher, and mentor who specializes in Spiritual Awakening and Trauma Release. She is a vessel of Light and Love who literally interprets messages and methods from The Divine that empower you to create and live an abundant life.

In addition to holding an array of certifications that allows her to provide Spirit-led services (including NLP Life and Communication Specialist), she is the CEO of Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting LLC, the company through which Nahkila Isha’ council’s individuals, couples, and groups.

As a motivational speaker, Isha’ offers Spirit-led guidance as a motivational speaker and mentor to clients through her YouTube channel and her various groups such as The United Light Beings Awakening and R.E.M. (Release.Evolve.Maintain), encouraging clients to discover their Divine purpose, activate their own psychic gifts, and manifest techniques that empower them to create successful lives and soul-centered businesses.
Before creating her own company, Isha’ worked for larger corporations in management as a motivational speaker for sales and network marketing teams. She is now the instructor of the Grow Your Soul Purpose Into Your Sole Income™ Master Course, which focuses on combining purpose and profit for soul-centered service providers choosing to build and grow a thriving spirit-led business.

Nahkila Isha’ now resides with her family in Washington State.

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