Come pour into your Soul.

Gather with fellow Lightworkers every 4th Saturday of the month to receive a personal message from Spirit, discuss various topics surrounding your ascension, and experience various workshops that will assist you on your journey of awakening to remember who you were before the world taught you who you “should” be.

Come pour into your soul and empower yourself to elevate and embrace your inner divinity.

*If this is your first time attending, use code HAPPYHOUR to receive a 50% welcome discount!

“Spiritual Happy Hour with Nahkila was nothing short of amazing. I learned more about myself and my gifts. Tips on cleansing and protection were provided as well. It was a wonderful time to be surrounded by other people and their positive energies. It was nice to have an intimate group setting with zero judgment and the time to speak what is on your heart and mind. I truly felt my soul being poured into with her event. I will be attending future happy hours and invite more as I am 100% behind her on her journey to connect with people in all walks of life. She has a beautiful ability to help people in innumerable ways.”

Nicki W.

“I love attending Nahkila Isha’s Spiritual Happy Hour! A safe place surrounded by like-minded individuals who can open up and be vulnerable about life, with no judgment.  Spiritual Happy Hour is a recharge of energy from guided meditation to fun activities and even healthy snacks. I encourage you if your considering attending an in-person event hosted by Nahkila Isha, go for it and do something that will make your soul happy.”
Denise N.
“From the very first Spiritual Happy Hour I attended, I’ve gained some of the deepest clarity, spiritual & emotional healing, understanding, overstanding, and innerstanding on My SOUL! Yes, MY SOUL, MY SPIRIT, and  MY PURPOSE!
I will advocate every breath I breathe for the POWER, LOVE, LIGHT, and HEALING that continuously nurtures my forever evolving SOUL! I am actively making tremendous progress in my GROWTH in all aspects! The support, comfort, and security of Nahkila’s ENERGY that hugs your spirit when you first walk in screams a guarantee feeling a GREAT INNER PEACE your SOUL will receive before leaving!
I walk in crappy and leave mega grateful and happy every time!!

AN EXPERIENCE OF ENDLESS BENEFITS INDEED! I’m always ready for Spiritual Happy Hour and my Spiritual Refill”
Quita Sanders-doswell